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Items included in the kit

  • Scenario, puzzles, challenges, hiding clues, game accessories
  • Invitations, diplomas, crafts, recipes, decoration, garlands, costume accessories…

Dinosaur 8-10 years old


The Last Dinosaur’s Egg

A famous palaeontologist needs some help with the research studies he's conducting on a dinosaur egg. But before entrusting the children with this important task, he is requesting them to pass a test. They should first go through a series of challenges and solve a certain number of riddles which will lead them to the treasure: the last dinosaur egg.

product benefits

  • Instructions on how to make a dinosaur egg
  • Dinosaurs’ masks, to be assembled
  • Dinosaurs’ skeletons jigsaw-puzzles
  • “Did you know?” parchment

Items in the kit

  • Scenario, puzzles, challenges, hiding clues, game accessories
  • Invitations, diplomas, crafts, recipes, decoration, garlands, costume accessories…

Treasure hunt Dinosaur 8, 9, 10 years old – description

The last dinosaur’s egg

My name is Stanislas Fossil and I’m the best palaeontologist on earth. Yes I’m am! The evidence being that I’ve made a fabulous discovery. One of those which will turn the world upside down! While I was on a scientific expedition in the heart of Africa, I’ve discovered a dinosaur egg. Luckily, the egg has been extremely well preserved thanks to the layer of clay it was buried in. I brought it back to my laboratory in the museum with extreme caution and I really hope a REAL DINOSAUR will hatch.
But unfortunately the other scientists are extremely envious and they think I’m crazy… They are keeping a close eye on me and have forbidden me to go back to the museum to do further research work. I therefore need real dinosaur experts to help me. They will have to be courageous and clever to continue my work! Do you think you’ll be equal to the task?
Are you sure? Well… Let me check.

The children will follow a trail and will alternate riddles and challenges to trace the last dinosaur’s egg!

  • Theme: dinosaur prehistoric adventure
  • Age: 8-10 years
  • Type: treasure hunt
  • Duration: between 2 and 2 1/2 hour (can be easily modulated)
  • Place: indoor and/or outdoor
  • Objective: discover a dinosaur egg
  • Principle: hidden riddles and challenges
  • System: cooperative or team game

Treasure hunt Dinosaur 8, 9, 10 years old – kit content


  • 1 advice booklet will give you all the keys to succeed in the organisation of your treasure hunt
  • 1 instruction booklet is setting out in detail all different steps of the planning process as well as of the course of the game
  • 1 booklet is dedicated to arts and crafts and cooking and shows you how to set up all side issues of the party
  • 1 booklet contains the whole set of printable items (riddles, challenges, hiding places, invitations, decorations, etc.)
  • 1 booklet with an EXPRESS version of the treasure hunt will enable you to prepare the basics in less than an hour

Items included

  • Instructions on how to make a dinosaur egg
  • Original, two-sided, invitations, with matching envelopes
  • Scenario letters, with matching envelopes
  • “Did you know?” parchment
  • 8 dinosaurs’ skeletons jigsaw-puzzles
  • Diplomas
  • 92 hiding places parchments
  • 8 riddle parchments
  • 6 challenge parchments, with game items
  • 4 cake stencils
  • 2 dinosaurs’ masks, to be assembled
  • 1 dinosaur crown, to be assembled
  • Items to create a dinosaur head
  • Decorations for straws and glasses
  • Name-tags for the table
  • 2 types of sweet boxes, to be assembled
  • Table pennants
  • Banners

Material required

Everything is provided in the game kit so that you have nothing to add in decoration and accessories. The preparation for the treasure hunt requires only a printer and sheets as well as small office equipment that you will easily find at home: scissors, glue, pens, felt-tip pens, thumbtacks, string…

Treasure hunt Dinosaur 8, 9, 10 years old – technical information

  • After having placed your order and once the payment has been approved (the approval is immediate with PayPal or if you pay by credit card), you will receive an email providing you with the download link for your kit. This link is also available under the heading votre compte.
  • The kit comprises 5 PDF files. If you do not have such a software, you can download a free viewer, such as Adobe Reader for example.
  • To enable an easy and quick download, the files are compressed in a ZIP directory. If you don’t have an unzipper, you can download one for free, for example at 7Zip.
  • You can download all the documents as many times as you want during three month following the purchase. However, do not forget to make a back-up copy on your hard drive!

Treasure hunt Dinosaur 8, 9, 10 years old – reviews

Treasure hunt Dinosaur 8 9 10 years old – kit images

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